About FSDS

Download the Fall 2012-2013 Reg Form here.

Our Vision:

Children who participate in First Step Dance Studio’s programs will learn respect, tolerance, and discipline for themselves (their bodies, talents and abilities), their peers and adults while, at an early age, learning to love dance, music and movement. They will take these skills with them and use them throughout their lifetime to better themselves, their families and their communities.

Our Mission:

First Step Dance Studio strives to make a difference in every child’s life by learning many forms of dance in a safe, non-competitive, loving environment. The skills (focus, discipline, respect, flexibility, coordination, memory, listening and internalizing a steady beat) they learn in dance class can be applied to their home and school life, make playing other sports safer and easier and gives them a sense of self-confidence which they can carry with them everywhere, every minute of every day.

Dance gives children a non-verbal outlet of their emotions. If they are happy, sad, excited, challenged, tired, frustrated or need a “positive” in their life, dance offers that. The studio is a place they can blend their heart, mind, body and soul. They can forget about the outside world for a period of time and just move to the music and be happy.